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We were building our project for the past 6 years. We wanted to remain anonymous and not introduce the project to the market in the idea stage. It's nice to have the idea, but many projects fail at the implementation stage. Also, we did not want to introduce a product that would be just as any similar product on the market. It took us a long time to develop such a robust trading platform, but it was worth it to be patient. Our first product - the trading platform FinStudio is almost finished and will be launched soon. We did a small pre-launch of our trading application at the iFXexpo in Limassol, Cyprus in October 2021. 

As we kept our project secret, we couldn't build our community. This is about to change as we are ready to present our project to the world - with one of the actual products already finished. We plan to hire people who will administer and manage our social networks and also content creators, writers, and editors to add the content to our social media.  

We have created Twitter and LinkedIn pages which we will start updating soon. 

These are our only official social network links, we will add more in the future. 

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