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Finsteco is new BSC token that will be used on all Fin Systems Ltd. pages and in all products and services.

FinStudio - trading platform for desktop, mobile & web

FinSocially - community platform with charting, social network, market, freelancing, forum, education and social trading

FinAlgo - code, build, optimize, review, test & trade algo trading strategies

FinQuant - artificial intelligence and machine learning trading strategy building, optimal portfolio finder, source code generation

FinData - collection, storage, management and distribution of historical trading data


Token Distribution

Tokens created by the contract will be distributed based on the following

Type % Allocation Tokens TGE Release Daily Release Cliff (M) Vesting (M)
Pre-Sale 5% 50,000,000 5% 12 20
Private Sale 10% 100,000,000 7% 14 22
Venture Sale 8% 80,000,000 8% 24 24
Public Sale 2% 20,000,000 15% 1 6
Growth (Series A) 10% 100,000,000 0% 24 18
Team 15% 150,000,000 0% 48 24
Advisors 5% 50,000,000 0% 12 24
Reserve 10% 100,000,000 0% 6 120
Staking Rewards 15% 150,000,000 0% 1 48
Incentives and Rewards 12% 120,000,000 0% 0.05%
DEX Liquidity 8% 80,000,000 10%

Fund Allocation

Tokens received from token sale will be distributed based on the following:

Type % Allocation
Technology 55%
Operations 5%
Marketing 20%
Legal 2%
DEX Liquidity 8%
Reserve 10%


It's been quite a ride - a lot of hard work, 18 hour workdays, sleepless nights. Thousands of task tickets closed, millions lines of code. Still going... 


So this is us. We are only including main team members. We have many smart people on the team, but we will not be disclosing everybody. As to developers - over the course of time, we worked with more than 60 developers on the project.

Peter Srank
Peter Srank
Co-founder, CTO

Peter builds on his more than 20 years of experiences and skills, acquired mainly in the UK, where as a software engineer he focused mainly on web applications, micro-services and data processing. In London he worked for leading companies such as Shell, Mark & Spencer, Clarksons Platou and Deloitte. Peter also has many years of experience in financial markets and machine learning. Peter is co-founder of Fin Systems where he designed original solution architecture. He is currently overseeing technical implementation. 

Vladimir Ruscak
Vladimir Ruscak
Founder, CEO

Vlad first came into contact with financial world during his senior year of high school in 1997 and further experiences came with studies of economy in New York. He worked for a company doing PR for financial institutions regularly appearing on CNBC, in Wall Street Journal and similar media. For several years, he was providing consultancy and other services for traders and clients. In 2012 he joined ATC Brokers US. In 2013 he helped to establish ATC London branch where he performed several FCA controlled functions such as Director, Compliance and CASS functions. Vlad has extensive knowledge of financial markets, compliance and technology in international environments. As founder, Vlad is currently working on Fin Systems suite of products and services.

Roman Fadeyev
Roman Fadeyev
Head of Development

Having graduations in two fields - software development and economics lead him to financial markets in the early 2000s. Roman has been in software development since 12 and got several awards. He created his first commercial product in 1995 at age of 16 and received his PhD in 2005. He got his first experience in 2001 starting developing math algorithms for FOREX trading. Over the past 20 years he has got acquainted with plenty of markets, brokers, their platforms and APIs. A tight working with traders and financial companies gave him an exclusive experience of real trading in various markets, included cryptocurrencies. He also has solid experience in building proprietary trading platforms and exchanges. Roman is overseeing development.


We are much thankful to our advisors who helped us in multiple areas.

Ian Scarffe
Ian Scarffe

Ian Scarffe, Blockchain and Crypto Advisor, Ian is a serial entrepreneur, investor and consultant with business experience from around the world. As a leading entrepreneur, Ian is on a personal mission to develop a culture of entrepreneurship, helping startups achieve their full potential as well as helping to expand existing companies. A leading expert in Bitcoin, Blockchain and Crypto industries, Ian is at the very heart of revolutionizing the financing industry across the globe and currently consults and advises for a range of multi-million dollar companies.

Timo Trippler
Timo Trippler

Timo Trippler is an ICO Advisor and entrepreneur with FinTech and InsurTech industry background. He is an expert in the financial market and risk management with 12 years of experience in financial transactions. He advised various successful ICO projects and managed multiple crypto fund portfolios. He has been working in the Blockchain field since 2016 and had a large number of various ICOs under his advice (strategic advisory and fundraising). Timo Trippler is also the CEO of

Arthur Iinuma
Arthur Iinuma

Professional writer for CoinTelegraph (Expert Take) and Forbes. He covers topics related to blockchain and cryptocurrency. He is technologist with a deep interest in the fields of distributed ledger technology, consensus algorithms, and token economics. He has a background in finance, having worked for Morgan Stanley, and UBS. Having originally deployed capital to traditional venture investments, he has now participated in a number of ICO's and continue to look for highly disruptive companies in the blockchain space.



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