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We are creating Finsteco for many different reasons.

1. We need payment system currency. We had a choice to create a credit system where users would exchange their fiat for our credits or adopt our own currency. As crypto is gaining more and more popularity we see no point in using the old credit system. Fisteco will serve as our payment currency.

2. We need to raise additional funds. Most of our financing came from private resources, development requirements increase so we need to hire more developers. This we can no longer support via private financing. Purchasing Finsteco will greatly help us develop all our planned products and services.

3. We will dig more into crypto and blockchain. Initially, we are starting with 3rd party blockchain and smart contracts. We plan to do more research and dig deeper into the blockchain, at the moment we are designing several new protocols that will allow us to do things we are so far not able to do with what is out there.



Finsteco will be used on all our websites. Each product has its own use of Finsteco. To purchase any of our products, users will need to pay for it in our currency Finsteco meaning they will have to purchase the token first.

We are creating a wide range of various services for different groups of traders trading on any type of market. To use the services, users will have to purchase our token. Thus we are creating native demand for it instead of the token being just a speculative financial instrument. As the number of our users increases, there will also be naturally increased demand for our token. As the amount of the tokens is limited, increased demand will lead to the token price increase.

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